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    Why it is said that the breakfast is the most important meal?

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    Apr 30, 2019

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Breakfast is said to be the best and important meal in the day. The food we eat in the morning is the best and the energy giving for the whole day. The breakfast can be even called as ‘shake up’ the day. The meal you ate in the morning is the energy for the half day. The daily schedule may be heavy for each and every one and whenever the imbalance between the morning schedule and office hour occurs the ‘breakfast’ skipping is the only tool to save the time. To keep up the punctuality in the offices, schools, colleges, etc the only way to save the time is to skip the breakfast. The long hour food intake interval or the fasting is stopped with the breakfast. The protein rich food you eat in the morning can be the best to start the day. The protein rich food you eat in the morning is the best supplement for the whole day. Eating the breakfast in the proper way can balance the sugar in body as well as the heat in body. The protein rich morning meal consist of oat meal, egg, meat, milk, etc is best to start the day. The rich protein is used for the activities in the morning. The soothe before the morning exercise gives you energy to do the exercise in a better way than getting tired after a few minutes. The morning breakfast in lighter amount is better than the empty stomach to start your exercise. Don’t go for a heavy breakfast but an energy drink in the morning can help to start the day in a better way. Improper breakfast schedules like breakfast included lunch or skipping the breakfast can even invite the diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, hormonal malfunctioning, etc. researches proved that having proper food can reduce the chance of diseases in human body rather than the people skipping breakfast. The vegetables and the fruits you had in the diet every morning is the best energy stimulator for the day.

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