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    Why should we spend time on Yoga?

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    May 8, 2019

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Indian Ayurveda has got an indispensable role in medical science. Medicines are as old as life. The sustainability of life needed medicines at the same time. Everyone lives with the onset of disease. Everythings are a mean that fights the disease. Even the diseases of plants and herbs can be treated by Ayurveda. Humans with there higher intelligence must certainly have expanded the scope of this search. Every human society must have interacted with imperfect as well as a good medical system based on medicinal or magic ingredients. That progress primitive level to the regular system of medical science. The three forces are fundamental to the Ayurvedic concept. It’s Vadha, Pitha, and Kafa. They are also known as Došha. It is believed that they circulate throughout the body and control the person’s physiological operations. It is believed that Vatha is connected with the wind. It is connected with moving and dynamic. ‘Vatha’ regulates the central nervous system. Questions are considered like the sun, which is an energy source and controls the digestive system and other biochemical processes. Finally, Kapha controls body fluid balance, cell growth, and muscle tone. ‘Dosha’ can also affect the individual’s temperament and personality. The concept of practice explains the individual composition and assumes that everyone has a combination of three doses. These energies are actively changing in response to thoughts, actions, human nutrition, and environmental factors such as seasons. By identifying one’s composition, he can take action to balance their conditions. There are three conditions in which the disorder can occur. The ideal situation is balanced or unbalanced. This happens when all three are in a natural relationship. Another condition is an increase in conditions in which one dose is greater or greater than the other. Finally, a reduction in condition occurs when one dose is exhausted, reduced and smaller than the other dose. In certain situations dosha becomes unbalanced, the condition of a man becomes a state what we call as ‘Vikruti’. This can manifest itself in physiological and behavioral symptoms. For example, someone who has a dominant shower may experience imbalances due to dehydration, low energy, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, and exercise and excessive talking. Ayurveda strives to maintain the balance of bills. It is said that optimal health is achieved when these doses are in harmony with each other. Negative health, on the other hand, results from an imbalance between doses. An Ayurvedic practitioner can adjust medication and therapy to heal someone according to their needs and balance dosha in the same direction system development everywhere.

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