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    The importance of health and nutrition

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    apr 30, 2019

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Importance of health and nutrition in day to day life is a major topic that could not be just explained in words. The nutrients for the body is acquired only through the food we eat and all the other supplements we take in. the significance of food in daily life is not mere a simple topic but it should be studied in detail throughout the life to maintain the healthy diet. Selection the food wisely from the list and having them in right amount keeps you healthy. Not only mere doctors should have knowledge about the food and nutrients but each and everyone in and around us should have a knowledge in the topic that keeps them healthy throughout the lifecycle. The food we eat contains many contents and the healthy balanced diet consist of the all the nutrients required for the human body. The human body requires the nutrients and supplements to the body from the food we eat and it keeps them healthy. The food we eat contains nutrients and minerals and these are absorbed to the blood. The food we eat all the day that consist of nutrients absorbed and the fatty content gets accumulated in blood vessels keeps you fatty. The amount you eat in daily life should be used to daily activities and the amount you consume and workout should be in balance. The nutrient content in the food can be used even as the best body building. The best way to keep a healthy body or keep the diet is not to starve for the food but eating the food healthy and workout in the proper amount. The amount we consume and the amount we use for the activities should be in a proportion. Moderate portions you eat keeps you healthy. The amount you eat can be tracked to decide on the health. Drinking more water helps to remove the toxins present in your body that are harmful. The fruits and vegetables with more water content can help body to replenish body. Eating the foods like whole grains and green leafy vegetables makes your diet healthy. The substance such as refined food products, sugary and salty are harmful to body and it can cause the prolonged diseases. Culture and the food are closely related. The food we had and our culture are closely related. The amount you intake in your various mood and the menu you prefer on certain occasions defer. Whenever you are in a bad mood Indian culture offers a cup of tea or either a pack of sweets to change the mood. Sweets and tea can bring a happiness in most of them. Eventhough it may not be good for the healthy diet these foods can help to regain the happiness in the affected one.

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