Why ayurveda is popular ?

Ayurveda is different from all other medical branches. The best medical branch that is trusted for years offering whole body treatment adding the ingredients essential for body. The best world class medical treatment by using herbs and oils is the prime feature that is offered by ayurveda.
Ayurveda is not mere a medical branch that offers treatment but it is done for the wellness of whole body. The medical branch offering whole body relaxation theraphy with herbs and oils without destroying any cells is the feature of ayurvedic treatments. The world class treatment offering the whole body wellness and mental relaxation is the factors that offered by ayurvedic treatments. The best in class treatment is offered by ayurvedic medicines. The quality of the products are the benefits of ayurvedic treatments
Ayurveda is always genuine and some people think that ayurveda is not scientifically proved. But the fact is that ayurveda is always genuine and a thorough study is always done. The best treatment without harming the cells is done by ayurveda. The dead cells are easily removed and rejenuvation of cells are done by ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is not mere a medical branch but it exist as a whole body energizer.
Ayurveda can be used as a medicinal branch as well as energy booster. The bones and body can be natured by theraphy and proper treatments. The natural herbs and oils are used for the treatment and energy packup of each patient. Years back ayurveda was advanced enough even for surgery but as the years passed the allopathy has overcome the popularity of ayurveda. The days passed and ayurveda become confined as a part of culture of Kerala and the tradition.

The Malayalam month karkkidakkam was setted for ayurvedic treatment in kerala. It was told years back that kerala does all the ayurvedic treatments during the month of karkkidakka. During these month all the ayurvedic treatment as well as body replenishing can be done easily. The best treatment during the karkkidakka is known among the keralities and the popularity is increasing from south India to the whole world.