Stress is a phenomenon that is prevalent in modern society and has become a global public health problem that was only among the few in the ancient days. We can explain the lack of quality of life, reduce mental health, reduce work efficiency, increased sufferings and  thus increased doctor visits, in addition to the risk factors for several chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and other stressors are conceptualized;

a) based on the response determined from a physiological point of view

b) based on work-based events

c) interactive stress models based on his work that focuses on problems and focuses on emotions in response to stressors.

Based on this view, stress can be understood as physiological and psychological reactions (including behavior) as a result of dealing with stressors, interpreting them, and making decisions to control or influence the results of these events.

In practice, anyone can recognize the physical benefits of yoga, and their practice can also bring psychological benefits, such as stress reduction, well-being, and spiritual benefits, such as a sense of connection with God or the Spirit, or a sense of transcendence. It can be done almost anywhere, and yoga programs can be used for hours or minutes, depending on the schedule. There are various mechanisms in yoga that affect stress levels, which means yoga can reduce stress levels in various ways. Researches had shown that the yoga targets to reduce stress and increases mood (or positive effects) by increasing attention and self-esteem. By simultaneously finding a better mood that allows us to focus more on the moment and stimulate relaxation, yoga is a very effective stress reliever.

Yoga lessons are very easy for beginners – you will be surrounded by people with all levels of experience and skills, and ask someone to guide you through the process and help you learn the right form. Learning a thing with proper guidance is more essential than doing something or learning in a wrong way. Here comes the importance of Ayuryogakuwait in yoga practice. Apart from social status or learning a new thing, there are several useful applications that can help you with yoga.