According to Ayurveda, maintaining a healthy and disease free life must follow your daily routine or your daily routine. It is important to follow the daily routine to be optimally healthy. Daily routines are referred to as “diaries” from Sanskrit. “Din” means “day” and “Acarya” means “follow” or “nearby”. Dinachariya is one of the best things you can do to prevent disease, balance and treat the body away from many diseases. The Ayurvedic Rishies (saints) believes that routine lifestyle has more healing power than the healing from other drugs.

If you feel like no the time for you…. No problem.  The ancient medical system in India offers morning and evening self-service rituals that balance your energy and improve your health. The best remedies to ensure a healthy body is to make sure that you had a self-disciplined routine.

According to Ayurveda, yoga is sister in healthy living, living in harmony with the natural cycle is one of the keys to good health and a wonderful day. Literally and energetically, this means going up and down with the sun  To explain it rise before the sun and sleep nor too late. The ideal sleep time and wake up time keeps your body healthier. To help you bring your system closer to the natural cycle, the Ayurvedic tradition recommends the practice of regular morning and evening exercises known as Dinachariya. This ritual gives you a relaxed, focused and continuous energy to maintain meditation, yoga, and everything you do throughout the day.

When we say routine it starts from wake up the morning activities and until you are to bed. Here we Ayuryogakuwait offers an excellent healthy lifestyle for you.

Turn your daily life into a normal Ayurvedic practice to harmonize your life. Morning exercise cleanses and refreshes the body mind and gives you positive energy. They will fill you with a feeling of calm presence and give peace of mind free from all sought of tensions. Nighttime will help you relax and sleep well only with a peace of mind. Sports such as yoga asanas and meditation are also important to keep up a Dinacharya. Consider taking workouts before breakfast and always make sure your work out and fooding after workouts. Choose one or two of the exercises to get started, and consider your energy level and mood in a week. Then add a few more and repeat the observation process. As time goes or after days experience  this practice can be a routine like brushing your teeth